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Seminar: Meghan Laidlaw (TerreWEB Scholar)

March 4, 2014

Why Internships are Important: Lessons learned about the need for collaboration and communication in the field of mine reclamation during an internship last summer

 Thursday, March 13th,

 2:00pm – 3:00pm (3:30pm for TW scholars)

 Room MCML 154

 Everyone welcome!


I will be discussing my experience last summer, when I worked for 2 months as an environmental consultant and field technician for Integral Ecology Group (IEG) in fulfillment of an Industry Partnership scholarship. IEG is a consulting company that specializes in applied ecology, cultural research, and the interface between mining activities and the resulting environmental and community impacts. Getting hands-on experience in the field of mine reclamation has given me context for my own research, and highlighted areas where communication gaps exist in the research to policy to implementation pathways. I will outline specific examples of how IEG has made an effort to collaborate with different groups and communicate their findings in ways that engage a broader audience.


Originally from Guelph, Ontario, I completed my undergraduate degree in biology at Queen’s University in 2009 and proceeded to travel during the winter, and plant trees in Alberta during the summer for the next 4 years. While tree planting at reclaimed sites in the oil sands, I became curious about the process of reclamation and decided to investigate further. I am currently half way through my Masters at UBC studying soil structural development and carbon stabilization under three reclamation treatments in the Alberta Oil Sands. I am part of the Belowground Ecosystems Group in Forest and Conservation Sciences, and my supervisors are Cindy Prescott and Sue Grayston. My interest in communicating science stems from my desire to help solve complicated ecological problems such as landscape reclamation in an efficient, collaborative way, and I believe that communication is essential in this process.

The Fall Seminar Series Schedule can be found here.

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