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Andreas Christen

Refereed Journal Articles, Published

  • Krayenhoff S., Santiago J.-L. , Martilli A., Christen A., Oke T.R. (2015): ‘Parametrization of drag and turbulence for urban neighbourhoods with trees’.Bound.-Layer Meteorol., 156 (2), 157-189. → Article
  • Adderley C. , Christen A., Voogt J.A. (2015): ‘The effect of radiometer placement and view on inferred directional and hemispheric radiometric temperatures of an urban canopy’. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 8, 2699-2714. → Article
  • Crawford B., Christen A. (2015): ‘Spatial source attribution of measured urban eddy covariance carbon dioxide fluxes’. Theor. Appl. Climatol., 119 (3-4), 733-755. → Article
  • Paul-Limoges E., Black T.A., Christen A., Nesic Z., Jassal R.S. (2015): ‘Effect of clearcut harvesting on the carbon balance of a Douglas-fir forest’. Agr. Forest Meteorol., 203, 30-42. → Article
  • Crawford B., Christen A. (2014): ‘Spatial variability of carbon dioxide in the urban canopy layer and implications for flux measurements’. Atmos. Environ., 98, 308 – 322. → Article
  • Emmel C., Paul-Limoges, Bowler R., Black T.A., Christen A. (2014): ‘Vertical distribution of carbon dioxide sources and sinks in a recovering mountain pine beetle-attacked lodgepole pine stand’. Agr. Forest Meteorol., 195-196, 108-122.→ Article
  • Christen A. (2014): ‘Atmospheric measurement techniques to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from cities’. Urban Climate, 10 (P2), 241–260. → Article
  • Krayenhoff S., Christen A., Martilli A., Oke T.R. (2014): ‘A multi-layer radiation model for urban neighbourhoods with trees’. Bound.-Layer Meteorol., 151 (1), 139-178. → Article
  • Emmel C., Paul-Limoges E., Black T.A., Christen A. (2013): ‘Vertical distribution of radiation and energy balance partitioning within and above a Lodgepole Pine stand recovering from a recent insect attack’. Bound.-Layer Meteorol., 149 (2), 133-163. → Article
  • Paul-Limoges E., Christen A., Coops N.C., Black T.A., Trofymow J.A. (2013): ‘Estimation of aerodynamic roughness of a harvested Douglas-fir forest using airborne LiDAR’. Remote Sensing of Environment, 136, 225-233. → Article
  • Tooke T.R., Coops N., Christen A. (2013): ‘A point obstruction stacking (POSt) approach to wall irradiance modeling across urban environments’. Building and Environment. 60, 234-242. → Article
  • Kellett R., Christen A., Coops N., van der Laan M; Crawford B.R., Tooke T.R., Olchovski I. (2013): ‘A systems approach to carbon cycling and emissions modelling at an urban neighbourhood scale’ Landscape and Urban Planning. 110, 48-58. → Article
  • Christen A., Meier F., Scherer D. (2012): High-frequency fluctuations of surface temperatures in an urban environment. Theor. Appl. Climatol., 108 (1-2), 301-324.→ Article
  • Salmond J. A., Roth M., T.R. Oke, Christen A., Voogt J.A. (2012): ‘Can surface cover tiles be summed to give neighbourhood fluxes in cities?’. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 51, 133-149. → Article
  • Tooke T.R., Coops N.C., Christen A., Gurtuna O., Prévot A., (2012): ‘Integrated irradiance modeling in the urban environment based on remotely sensed data’.Solar Energy, 86 (10), 2923-2934.→ Article
  • Järvi L., Grimmond C.S.B., Christen, A. (2011): ‘The Surface Urban Energy and Water Balance Scheme (SUEWS): Evaluation in Los Angeles and Vancouver’. J. Hydrol., 411 (3-4), 219-237.→ Article
  • Christen, A., Coops N.C., Crawford B.R., Kellett R., Liss K.N., Olchovski I., Tooke T.R., van der Laan M., Voogt J. A. (2011): ‘Validation of modeled carbon-dioxide emissions from an urban neighborhood with direct eddy-covariance measurements’. Atmos. Environ., 45, 6057-6069→ Article
  • Crawford B.R., Grimmond C.S.B., Christen A. (2011): ‘Five years of carbon dioxide fluxes measurements in a highly vegetated suburban area’. Atmos. Environ., 45 (4) 896-905 → Article
  • Meier F., Scherer D., Richters J., Christen A. (2011): ‘Atmospheric correction of thermal-infrared imagery of the 3-D urban environment acquired in oblique viewing geometry’. Atmos. Meas. Tech., 4, 909-922 → Full-Text

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