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Carmen Emmel (Alumni)

 Name: Carmen Emmel     Degree:  Completed PhD


I have been a TerreWEB student from Fall 2011-Spring 214 in the Atmospheric Science Program at UBC with the topic of turbulence and turbulent exchange in Mountain Pine Beetle affected forest canopies.

Before coming to UBC, I earned a Diploma (German degree that includes Bachelor and Master Degree) from the University of Mainz, Germany in Meteorology / Atmospheric Physics and worked one year as a meteorologist in the daily weather forecast. Since I am passionate about so many aspects of Atmospheric Science and related other sciences, I tried to gain experience in different fields. I was involved in studies about physical and chemical properties of mineral dust (aerosols) and studied haboobs, which is a very impressive type of sub-tropical dust storm. I took specialized courses on Arctic issues at UNIS (Spitsbergen, Norway) with the emphasis on sea-ice-air interactions.

These combined studies and my current studies of the micrometeorology of forests are all influenced by climate change and they themselves have an effect on climate change as well. I think it is very important that we as scientists communicate our results in a clear manner to the public, so that everyone can better understand global change and impacts of climate


Refereed Journal Articles, published:

1. Emmel, C., Paul-Limoges, E., Bowler, R., Black, T. A., & Christen, A. (2014) Vertical distribution of carbon dioxide sources and sinks in a recovering mountain pine beetle-attacked lodgepole pine stand.Agricultural and Forest Meteorology195–196108-122, doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2014.04.014.

2. Emmel, C., Paul-Limoges, E., Black, T. A., & Christen, A. (2013). Vertical Distribution of Radiation and Energy Balance Partitioning Within and Above a Lodgepole Pine Stand Recovering from a Recent Insect Attack.Boundary-Layer Meteorology149(2), 133–163. doi:10.1007/s10546-013-9844-8

Conference Presentations and Posters:

1. Emmel, C.; Nesic, Z.; Ketler, R.; Black, A. and Christen, A (2014) Flux-Gradient Relationships in an Open-Canopy Lodgepole Pine Stand after Insect Attack. Presented at the 31st Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2014

2. Emmel, C.; Bowler, R.; Black, A. and Christen, A. (2012) Determining the vertical carbon dioxide source/sink distribution in a mountain pine beetle attacked forest: A comparison of eddy-covariance and ecophysiological approaches. Presented at the AGU Fall Meeting 2012

3. Emmel, C.; Paul-Limoges, E.; Ketler, R.; Black, A. and Christen, A. (2012) Mountain pine beetle and climate – the importance of the secondary structure in forests. Presented at the ISSRM Conference 2012

4. Emmel, C.  (2012) A TerreWEB Student Experience: Science communication training and engaging young citizens about global change issues. Presented at the ISSRM Conference 2012


Carmen was a finalist at the UBC 3 Minute Thesis competition (2012)


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