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Cindy Prescott

Refereed Journal Articles, Published

  • Augusto, L., De Schrijver, A., Vesterdal, L., Smolander, A., Prescott, C., & Ranger, J. (2015). Influences of evergreen gymnosperm and deciduous angiosperm tree species on the functioning of temperate and boreal forests.Biological Reviews90(2), 444-466.
  • Prescott, C.E, and K. Weese (2014). Crossing the Divide: Engaging scientists and policy-makers in adapting forest management to climate change in British Columbia Forestry Chronicle 90:61-67
  • Kishchuk, Barbara, Sylvie Quideau, Yonghe Wang, and Cindy Prescott (2014). Long-term soil response to variable-retention harvesting in the EMEND (Ecosystem Management Emulating Natural Disturbance) experiment, northwestern Alberta Canadian Journal of Soil Science 94: 263-279
  • Prescott, C.E. (2014). The scientific value of long-term field trials in forest soils and nutrition research: an opportunist’s perspective Canadian Journal of Soil Science 94: 255-262
  • Philpott TJ, CE Prescott, WK Chapman and SJ Grayston (2014). Nitrogen translocation and accumulation by a cord-forming fungus (Hypholoma fasciculare) into simulated woody debris Forest Ecology and Management 315: 121-128
  • Quideau, S.A., M.J.B. Swallow, C.E. Prescott, S.J. Grayston, and S.-W. Oh (2013). Comparing soil biogeochemical processes in novel and natural boreal forest ecosystems Biogeosciences 10: 5651–5661
  • Prescott, Cindy and Lars Vesterdal (2013). Tree species effects on soils in temperate and boreal forests: emerging themes and research needs. Forest Ecology & Management 309: 1-
  • Prescott Cindy • Victor Nery • Annette van Niejenhuis • Toktam Sajedi • Peter Marshall (2013). Nutrition management of cedar and hemlock plantations in coastal British Columbia New Forests 44:769–784
  • Suzuki Y, Grayston SJ, Prescott CE. (2013). Effects of leaf litter consumption by millipedes (Harpaphe haydeniana) on subsequent decomposition depends on litter type Soil Biology & Biochemistry 57, 116-123.
  • Prescott CE and Grayston SJ (2013). Tree species influence on microbial communities in litter and soil: current knowledge and research needs. Forest Ecology & Management 309: 19-27
  • Quideau S, Swallow MJB, Prescott CE, Grayston SJ, Oh SW. (2013). Comparing soil biogeochemical processes in novel and natural boreal forest ecosystems. Biogeochemistry. Special Issue on Ecosystems in transition: interaction and feedbacks with an emphasis on the initial development (In press) April 2013.
  • Churchland C, Bengtson P, Prescott CE, Grayston SJ (2013). Dispersed variable-retention harvesting mitigates N losses on harvested sites despite changes in soil microbial community structure Ecosystems (in review)
  • Campbell, J., P. Bengtson, A.L. Fredeen, D. Coxson and C.E. Prescott (2013). Does exogenous carbon extend the realized niche of canopy lichens? Evidence from sub-boreal forests in British Columbia? Ecology 94: 1186–1195
  • Brockett BFT, Prescott CE, Grayston SJ. (2012). Soil moisture is the major factor influencing microbial community structure and enzyme activities across seven biogeoclimatic zones in western Canada. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 44, 9-20.
  • Sajedi T, CE Prescott, B Seely, LM Lavkulich (2012). Relationships among soil moisture, aeration and plant communities in natural and harvested coniferous forests in coastal British Columbia, Canada. Journal of Ecology DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2745.2011.01942.x
  • Sajedi T, Van Niejenhuis A., Prescott C.E. (2012). Drainage effects on site productivity and soil carbon stores in a cedar-swamp ecosystem in coastal British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research
  • Switzer J, Hope G, Grayston SJ, Prescott CE. (2012). Changes in soil chemical and biological properties after thinning and prescribed fire for ecosystem restoration in Rocky Mountain forests. Forest Ecology & Management 275, 1-13.
  • Jerabkova L, CE Prescott, BD Titus, GD. Hope and MB Walters (2011). A meta-analysis of the effects of clearcut and variable-retention harvesting on soil nitrogen fluxes in boreal and temperate forests. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41:1852-1870
  • Dordel, J., Simard, S.W., Bauhus, J., Guy, R.D., Prescott, C., Seely, B., Pojas, L.J. (2011). Effects of nurse-crop species and density on nutrient and water availability to underplanted T. ciliata in north-eastern Argentina Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41:1754-1768.
  • Venner, KH, CM Preston and CE Prescott. (2011). Characteristics of wood wastes in British Columbia and their potential suitability as soil amendments and seedling growth media Can J Soil Science 91:95-106
  • Moore TR, JA Trofymow, CE Prescott, BD Titus and CIDET Working Group. (2011). Nature and nurture in the dynamics of C, N and P during litter decomposition in Canadian forests. Plant and Soil 339:163–175

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