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  1. What exactly does it mean to be a TerreWEB scholar?

    TerreWEB scholars conduct research in their UBC home departments and in addition, are required to participate in all TerreWEB training initiatives. Training initiatives for graduate students include an individual research project on global change and communication research. Seminars, workshops, internships and laboratory rotations with collaborating institutions in Canada and abroad are all applications of the TerreWEB program.

  2. Does applying for TerreWEB funding also imply applying for entrance to UBC?

    No. You need to apply for UBC admission separately. TerreWEB is a program within UBC. You may apply for TerreWEB funding (through our website) before being accepted into a UBC graduate program, but you must obviously be accepted into UBC before being eligible to receive the funds.

  3. Is it okay to apply to more than one program at the same time at UBC? I am interested in two graduate programs and both appear to let me pursue the PhD work I want to do.

    You need to decide which program you wish to pursue, determine if you are eligible and apply. We suggest you contact potential supervisors in the particular program. See the TerreWEB members page (only co-applicants or the TerreWEB project head Suzanne Simard) for potential supervisors and/or committee members. If the program is full you may select another program of your interest BUT you can apply only to one program at a time. There is the possibility of changing programs once you are accepted to UBC!

  4. What is my position with regards to TerreWEB? Since I am funded by TerreWEB, am I automatically a scholar of your program? Or am I just silently participating? Are there any non-funded TerreWEB students?

    If you are granted funding by TerreWEB you are a TerreWEB scholar! You are expected to fully participate in workshops, seminars and pursue all initiatives with TerreWEB collaborators through internships, etc.
    Non-funded students may also be considered TerreWEB “associates” if they are supervised/co-supervised by a TerreWEB co-applicant or Suzanne Simard (the TerreWEB head). They are eligible to participate in TerreWEB events and benefit from TerreWEB training opportunities such as internships or travel funding.

  5. Do only students who are working on TerreWEB projects can get an internship with one of TerreWEB´s collaborators? Or can other interested students do an internship?

    Graduate students supervised (or co-supervised) by a TerreWEB co-applicant or Suzanne Simard (under "members" on the website) can, and are encouraged, to engage in an internship. So that there is communication, coordination and record of achievement, it is suggested that students together with their principle supervisor contact the TerreWEB office (Julia Dordel) and indicate their intention. This should include the internship position (place/person) and if they are considering one of the existing collaborators listed on the TerreWEB page. See the TerreWEB Internship page on the website for more information. Once this has occurred we will suggest a plan of action. In all cases the intent and details of the internship experience needs to be agreed a priori by the TerreWEB office. The deadline for internship applications is the same as for a general TerreWEB scholarship application (for deadlines please see under "Apply")

  6. Can you explain this program a little more? It appears to be a good match for me, but I am still unsure on how the program is set up.

    Students will conduct research in their UBC home departments and participate in TerreWEB training initiatives on top of that. Examples are the ongoing seminar series, workshops, internships on and off campus as well as lab rotations. Aside from that, students will work on communication of their project, which ties into their research and will be able to draw on TerreWEB resources such as our diverse collaborators and TerreWEB core members.

  7. Are classes for this program available in many disciplines, or, are classes conducted within its own department?

    Scholars are required to take the UBC science communication course offered by TerreWEB immediately after commencing the TerreWEB program (as of fall 2012: CONS 503 / SOIL 530)

  8. What would you like to see in the science communication part of the proposal in the TerreWEB funding application?

    TerreWEB expects that the communication strategy of your research is an integral part of your proposal. Before you start thinking of a certain communication tool, however, try to identify who the audience / the stakeholders of your research would be. Then try to come up with a communication strategy that might reach this group / these groups effectively. Students are encouraged to be creative in their communication strategies.
    We don't expect you to present the perfect strategy (since you might want to modify your strategy down the road - according to what you will have learned at TerreWEB), however, we want to see that you have really thought about who your audience is and how you could address them.
    Please also indicate delivery dates (e.g. how often and when are you going to reach out to your stakeholders, when would you hold a workshop, write/publish the non-scientific article, when the website would be launched, how much/often you would post updates to your site, etc.) as well as how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy.

  9. I have a Bachelor of Science degree and am currently applying to graduate programs with similar focuses as the mission of TerreWEB. I realize that I am currently not eligible for admission to the TerreWEB program, but I am highly interested in the program and would like to apply once I have obtained a Master’s or PhD position. However, I am a bit confused about attending the program. If your applicants must currently be a graduate student, then how do they also attend and become part of TerreWEB while also completing their own graduate program at a different university?

    Only students who are registered at UBC are eligible to join TerreWEB. TerreWEB is a UBC training program and students have to be registered in a UBC graduate program (e.g. Forestry, Geography, School of Journalism, etc.).

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