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Leslie Lavkulich

Refereed Journal Articles, Published

  • Emma, P . Holmes and L.M. (Les) Lavkulich.2014.The effects of naturally occurring acids on the surfaceproperties of chrysotile asbestos. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 49: 1445–1452
  • Jean-Thomas Cornelis, Dominique Weis, Les Lavkulich, Marie-Liesse Vermeire, Bruno Delvaux and Jane Barling. 2014. Silicon isotopes record dissolution and re-precipitation of pedogenic clay minerals in a podzolic soil chronosequence. Geoderma 235-236: 19-25. ,
  • Grand, Stephanie, Robert Hudson and L.M.(Les) Lavkulich. 2014. Effects of forest harvest on soil nutrients and labile ions in Podzols of southwestern Canada: Mean and dispersion effects. Catena 122: 18-26.
  • S. M. Y. Baugé, L. M. (Les) Lavkulich, J. E. Wilson, H. E. Schreier.2014. Comparison of surface properties of synthetic and soil struvite. Can. J.Soil Sci. 94(2): 169-176,
  • Lavkulich, Les M., Hanspeter E. Schreier and Julie Wilson. 2014.Effects of natural acids on the surface properties of asbestos minerals and kaolinite. J. Environ. Science and Health, Part A, 49:617- 624.
  • Roa-García, Maria Cecilia, Sandra Brown, L.M. Lavkulich. 2014. Stream closure and water allocation in the Colombian Andes. International Journal of Water. 8:128-148.
  • Hund, Silija, Sandra Brown, Les M. Lavkulich and Sascha E. Oswald. 2013. Relating P liability in stream sediments to watershed land use via an effective sequential extraction scheme. Water, Air, Soil Pol. 224:1643-1656.
  • Baugé, S.M.Y., H. E. Schreierand L.M.Lavkulich. 2013 .Phosphorus and trace metals in serpentine affected soilsof the Sumas Basin, British Columbia. Can. J. Soil Sci. 93: 359-367.
  • Grand, S. and L.M. Lavkulich. 2013. Potential influence of poorly crystalline minerals on soil chemistry in podzols of southwestern Canada. Eu. J. Soil Sci.64: 651-660.
  • Baugé, S.M.Y., L.M.Lavkulich and H.E. Schreier. 2013. Serpentine affected soils and the formation of magnesium phosphates (struvite). Can. J. Soil Sci. 93: 161-172.
  • Marie-Liesse Vermeire, Les Lavkulich and Jean-Thomas Cornélis. 2013. The interdependent relationship between C dynamics and soil-forming processes in a podzolic chronosequence under a temperate rainforest. Geophysical Research, 15, EGU2013-4661, 2013
  • Krzic, M., Rachel A. Strivelli, Emma Holmes, Stephanie Grand, Saaed Dynanatkar,Les. M. Lavkulich and Chris Crowley 2013. Virtual soil monoliths: Blending traditional and web-based educational approaches. Nat. Sci. Educ. 42: 1-8.
  • Grand, Stephanie and Les M.  Lavkulich, 2012.  Effects of forest harvest on soil carbon and related variables in Canadian Spodosols. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 76: 1816–182.
  • Grand, S.  and L. M. Lavkulich, 2012. Effects of logging disturbance on soil organic carbon and related variables in the Coastal Range of British Columbia, Canada, European Geosciences UnionGeneral Assembly 2012 APRIL Vienna, Austria,
  • Holmes, Emma P., Julie Wilson, Hans Schreier and Les M. Lavkulich. 2012.Processes Affecting Surface and Chemical Properties of Chrysotile: Implications for Reclamation of Asbestos Can. J. Soil Sci.92: 229-242.
  • Sajedi, Toktam, Cindy E. Prescott, Brad Seely and Les M. Lavkulich. 2012. Relationships among soil moisture, aeration and plant communities in natural and harvested coniferous forests in coastal British Columbia, Canada. J. Ecol.100S 605 – 618.
  • Roa-García, M.C., Brown, S., Schreier, H., & Lavkulich, L.M. 2011. The role of land use and soils in regulating water flow in small headwater catchments of the Andes. Water Resour. Res., 47, 1-12. doi:10.1029/2010WR009582
  • Lavkulich, L.M. and J.M. Arocena. 2011. Luvisolic soils of Canada: Genesis, distribution, and classification. Can. J. Soil Sci. 91: 781-806.
  • Brown, Sandra , L.M. Lavkulich and Hanspeter Schreier. 2011. Developing indicators for regional water quality assessment: an example from British Columbia community watersheds. Can.Water Res. J. (in press)
  • Roa-García, M. C., S. Brown, H. Schreier, and L. M. Lavkulich.2011. The role of land use and soils in regulating water flow in small headwater catchments of the Andes, Water Resourses Res., 47.
  • Grand, S. and L.M. Lavkulich, 2011. Depth distribution of soil organic carbon in Podzols of a forested watershed in southwestern Canada, Soil Science 176: 164-174.


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