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Ryan Davis (Alumni)

Name: Ryan Davis      Degree: Completed MSc


I have a masters in applied anthropology and a masters in environmental health. I am a PhD student in the Resource Management and Environmental Studies (RMES) program. I enjoy reading, climbing, sailing, and spending time outdoors. I am doing work on renewable energy systems coupled climate change mitigation strategies. Development of distributed energy systems that produce electricity while also sequestering carbon in the form of biochar, would lessen our reliance on fossil energy and mitigate one of the most pressing challenges facing the world today, climate change. Part of the research looks at how energy decisions are made and what role the public has in these debates. Developing and effectively communicating solutions to the threat posed by climate change is the ultimate aim of this research. Mitigation will only get us so far. To adequately address the environmental crisis we face we must look at behavioural change. Our current consumption pattern is unsustainable and this behavior is the reason why we are in the midst of this environmental crisis. There are many people working hard to create a better future. It is up to you to build upon our legacy. A collective effort will be needed to address the issue of climate change. TerreWEB’s mission is unique because it seeks to build this collective by encouraging communication between researchers and the public.

Blog: http://blogs.ubc.ca/biochar/ Twitter: @BioCharUBC Facebook account name – Ubc Biochar


Masters in applied anthropology and a masters in environmental health.


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