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Salome Buglass (Alumni)

Name: Salome Buglass     Degree: Completed MSc


I came to UBC as a British/Trinidadian international student and completed an MSc in the Department of Geography in Spring 2015. As an outdoor enthusiast, I really enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of British Columbia. Though the winter weather can be daunting, especially having moved here from the Caribbean, I got used to wearing rubber boots and a rain jacket every day — so I think I was just about handle it. I graduated with a BSc in Geography from University College London, where I developed a keen interest in ecology and climate change. After graduating I spent 3 years in Trinidad and Tobago gaining voluntary and paid work experience. During this period, I had the chance to volunteer as a SCUBA reef surveyor for a coral reef mapping project in Tobago, where I became fascinated with the beauty and complexity of coral reef ecosystems. I also grew concerned about how coral reefs were rapidly degrading due to bleaching events –a result of climate change – as well as human-driven water pollution and overfishing. For my research project I investigated the impacts of mass coral bleaching events and the ability of coral to recover from such events in Tobago. It is a little ironic I have come all the way to cold North America to study tropical coral reef ecosystems. But this was a great opportunity for me as there is some great research being done at UBC on coral reefs and climate change. As a TerreWEB scholar I have learned communication methods that allowed me to share my research findings with a much greater audience than just coral and climate specialists. In the case of Tobago’s coral reefs, bridging this communications gap is crucial, as proper conservation effort can only take place when all community members and stakeholders understand the underlying problems that are leading to the loss of their important reefs, upon which they also depend in so many ways.


I completed an MSc in the Department of Geography in Spring 2015.


Buglass, S. (2014). A study on the recovery of Tobago’s coral reefs following the 2010 mass bleaching event.


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