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TerreWEB strives help its students develop a broad network of contacts with industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and academia world-wide.

To be a TerreWEB scholar it is essential to gain experience beyond the UBC campus. TerreWEB students will work closely with the non-academic and international academic sectors to allow them to explore possible career pathways as well as gain those crucial connections to increase their competitiveness for global change-related positions. This may involve either (1) an internship with a TerreWEB collaborator or a collaborator of the student’s choice, (2) an exchange with a collaborating academic institution, or (3) a laboratory rotation. In all cases the activity must be agreed on by the TerreWEB Steering Committee. Through internships, exchanges and lab rotations, students will be exposed to potential employers, leading research, and gain national or international experience that will allow them to develop an interdisciplinary understanding and skill set for global change research and communication – fostering UBC’s goal of creating global citizens.

1) Internship

Duration: Up to 6 months

Location: Local to Worldwide. With a TerreWEB collaborator, generally a non-university organization (private or public). These collaborators have indicated enthusiasm and interest in participating in this program.

The goal will be to complete a specific project that contributes to the goals of the host organization in a set period of time. Details of the project should be related to the student’s research with the focus of enhancing the student’s skill set in a structured work environment, while also providing networking and future employment opportunities. All kinds of projects are possible – ranging from basic research to community outreach or media projects. The host organization will be responsible for providing direction, mentorship and resources to complete the project.

See Internship reference document for more information.

2) Exchange

Duration: Up to 1 year

Location: Worldwide. With a TerreWEB partner university or a university of the student’s choice that can offer a TerreWEB student an exchange position.

TerreWEB trainees will also have the opportunity to develop national or international exchanges at institutions that have ongoing or emerging collaborations with TerreWEB members, where they will conduct and communicate a portion of their research. An exchange experience provides TerreWEB students with an opportunity to work in a different setting where they can receive training in novel research methods, field research or professional training. These activities will help to increase the students’ networks beyond the academic settings of the home university.

3) Lab Rotation

Duration: Up to 3 months

Location: Local (at UBC or off-campus in BC (e.g. SFU or government lab))

Students in this cross-disciplinary program will have the opportunity to work with any of the 23 TerreWEB members at UBC or an external lab of their choice and gain research experience in fields different to their own. Students can gain access to labs offering different analytical techniques where they can learn new methods and gain opportunities for their own research projects.

In all three options, the students will document the experience or project and are expected to share their experience with the host organization and TerreWEB colleagues using a platform of their choice (e.g. seminar presentation, newspaper or journal publication, visual media, blog, etc.). The type of communication selected must be approved prior to the internship commencement and communications must be provided within 8 weeks of the internship completion. In summary:

TerreWEB expects
1. An internship report (up to 1500 words),  and the completed Internship Employer Evaluation form (please use the templates from this webpage), both deliverable within 8 weeks after the internship
2. A presentation of the experiences at the TerreWEB seminar series – to be discussed with Julie Wilson prior to internship
3. A creative/different communication piece of the research / internship findings. Approved by TerreWEB prior to the internship (deliverable within 8 weeks after the internship or as discussed and agreed on with TerreWEB prior to the internship).

Students are encouraged to review the list of off-campus TerreWEB collaborators for potential internship or exchange opportunities, as well as familiarize themselves with the research of TerreWEB members at UBC to identify if joint research interests and potential for lab rotations exists.

TerreWEB scholars and associates interested in pursuing an Internship, Exchange or Lab Rotation should contact Terre.WEB@ubc.ca for more information.


How to Apply for Financial TerreWEB Support:

Please download from HERE and review all forms carefully

TerreWEB accepts applications up to 3 months before for internships, exchanges and travel support (subject to change). Submissions allowing less than 3 months of processing time may not be accepted.


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